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Thank you for your interest in having the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium come to your facility for an outreach. Outreach programs are designed to bring animals to community facilities such as schools, libraries, city and county events, police and fire departments, hospitals, scouts, retirement centers, and churches, for the purpose of providing educational animal experiences without community members necessarily having to come to the zoo.

Community Outreach - $250 for a 30-40 minute presentation followed by a question/answer session or for a set up at a table for an hour.

Location outside of Maricopa County (2 hours from the zoo) - $350 for the presentation or for the hour.


Locations beyond the two-hour range-  we will call you to determine a quote.


$100 charge for each additional show following the first show with the same content, or each additional hour in the same visit. 

Requested Event Month
Requested Event Day
Requested Event Year
Grades Attending/Adults Attending
Indoor/Outdoor Event
Are there any nut allergies?
Please select a program below:
Adaptations: This program explains the different specialized body parts that animals have to help them survive in the environments that they naturally live in.
Creatures of the Night: This program discusses adaptations of nocturnal animals as well as the benefits of being nocturnal.
Reptiles of the World: This program teaches students the differences among reptiles, amphibians and insects. The differences between poisonous versus venomous and predator versus non-predator will be discussed as well.
Desert Wildlife: This program discusses how animals adapt to deserts from around the world, for example the Sahara, Sonora, Mojave, and Australian Deserts.
‘Surprise Me”: This program is a “presenter’s choice”. This program allows the presenter to bring a wider variety of animals and can be focused on a theme of your choosing (i.e., geographical region, reproduction, “good pet/bad pet”) or general educational fun with different animals.
Table: This program we set up a booth with our team and animals to answer questions. This allows people the opportunity to come to the booth at their convenience and ask questions about the animals. At the table, we will have kids’ passes and brochures about the zoo.

Community Outreach

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