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Frequently Asked Questions




Q: How long does it take to go through the Zoo & Aquarium 

A: We recommend at least 4-5 hours to see everything. 


Q: Can we bring in food and or coolers? 

A: No, we do not allow outside food or coolers to be brought into the Zoo & Aquarium.  You are welcome to hand carry in something to drink.   


Q: What am I not allowed to bring in to the Zoo & Aquarium? 

A: Prohibited items include alcohol, glass, balloons, balls, Frisbees, radios, whistles, musical instruments and other sound producing devices that may disturb our animals or other guests, hoverboards, pushed tricycles, Hula Hoops, Skip-Its, skateboards, scooters, smart trikes, roller blades, bikes, roller skates, rip-sticks, Segways. 


Q: Is our ticket good for more than 1 day? 

 A: Your ticket is only good for 1 day. You are welcome to get a re-entry hand stamp in the Giftshop for a same day return. 


Q: Are pets allowed? 

A: Pets and other animals whose sole function is to provide comfort, companionship or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the Americans With Disabilities Act and Arizona state law. Therefore, pets and emotional support dogs are not permitted. 

Trained and vaccinated service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are permitted with visitors with disabilities. The Zoo follows AZA guidelines, which is for the protection of the animals. When a guest brings a service animal to the Zoo, we will review the Service Animal Rules with the guest.

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Q: Are you open on holidays? 

A: Yes, we are open every day including all holidays. 


Q: Do your hours vary during the year? 

A: No, we are open 9am-6pm for the Zoo and until 7pm for the Aquarium year-round.  


Q: Can Members come in earlier than 9am? 

A: No, all visitors may enter at 9am. 


Q: Do Members get a discount at the rides or cafes? 

A: No, the rides and cafes are not discounted.  Members do get a 10% discount in the Giftshops. 


Q: Is smoking allowed? 

A: We prefer you not to smoke in the Zoo & Aquarium.  You are allowed to smoke as long as you are at least 20 feet away from the animals. 

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