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Service Dogs



The Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium welcomes guests with a service dog that is individually trained to work or perform a task for a person with a disability. To protect its animals, the Zoo and Aquarium has established the following rules regarding service dogs. Guests with a service dog must acknowledge the rules by signing below and provide a phone number for contact.

Service Dog Rules

1. Service Dog must be up to date on vaccinations.

2. Service Dog must be under the handler’s control the entire time you are in the Zoo and Aquarium (retractable leashes are not permitted). Handlers who are unable to hold a leash because of their disability may demonstrate control of the dog by other means.

3. Disruptive behavior (excessive barking, pulling, growling or animal not under handler's control) to other guests or Zoo and Aquarium animals will not be tolerated.

4. If a bad reaction from our Zoo and Aquarium collection animal is observed at any time, please leave the area.

5. Please review and comply with the Service Animal Restrictions map. Services dogs are not permitted in restricted areas, which include all Rides, Shows (Sea Lion Show, Penguin Feeding, Lory Parrot Feeding and Wildlife Encounter Show), Giraffe Feeding Stations, Petting Zoo/Playground area, Kangaroo Walkabout and Walkthrough Aviary. Please contact Zoo and Aquarium staff to determine if alternatives are available.

6. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in removal from Zoo and Aquarium grounds.

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